Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene-based compounds (SBS)

ESFELX –B is commercial name of SBS compounds with PP or PS. These compounds have limited temperature and weathering resistance requirements. This limitation is due to unsaturated bonds of SBS and this will cause weakness against UV, ozone and heat. ESFLEX - B can be self colored with use of proper masterbatch or supplied pre-colored. Typical specifications of ESFLEX – B are given below:

Hardness Range: 15 Shore A – 45 Shore D

Service Temperature: -50 - +70 ⁰C (dynamic) / -50 - +110 ⁰C (Static)

Anti slip and wearing resistance

Adhesion to PS and PP

Limited weathering, UV and ozone resistance

PS (100 ve 400 serileri) ve PP’ye (300 serisi) ısıyla yapışma (ko-ekstrüzyon / ko-enjeksiyon) imkanı.

Scope of Application

wheels, soft grips and squeezable toys.

Dust pads, wheels, ice trays.

window seals, wheels, hoses

diving flippers, all soft touch handles, anti slip mats, erasers, etc.