Ethylene / Propylene and Polypropylene (PP) blends (TPO)

ESFLEX –O is commercial name of uncured compounds of ethylene/propylene rubber and polypropylene. These compound are formulated for application which has excellent impact and weathering resistance with moderate elasticity. ESFLEX - O can be self colored with use of proper masterbatch or supplied pre-colored. Typical specifications of ESFLEX – O are given below:

Hardness Range: 60 Shore A – 45 Shore D

Service Temperature: -50 - +110 ⁰C (dynamic)

Low density: 0,9 – 1,1 gr/cm3

Low compression set

Adhesion to polyolefins

Very good surface

Ease of processing and recyclability

Scope of Application

Exterior trims, mats, air ducts, air bag covers, door panels, seals, bellows, liners.

discharge channels, drawer organizers and mats.

static sealing profiles, roofing membranes

soft touch grips, garden equipments, sport goods, etc.