Ethylene / Propylene rubber and Polypropylene (PP) blends (TPV)

ESFLEX –V is commercial name of dynamically vulcanized EPDM and Polypropylene blend. These rubber like compounds determined by homogeneously distribution of vulcanized EPDM in to polypropylene matrix. ESFLEX –V can be formulated according to the technical need of user and can be self colored by proper masterbatch or supplies pre-colored. Typical specifications of ESFLEX – V are given below:

Hardness Range: 45 Shore A – 60 Shore D

Service Temperature: -50 - +125 ⁰C (dynamic) / -50 - +135 ⁰C (Static)

Anti slip

Low compression set and good elasticity in wide temperature spectrum

Adhesion to polar and non-polar substances such as PP, PA, PBT, ABS, PC, PS.

Excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance

High chemical resistance

Ease of processing and recyclability

Broad product range including halogen free, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, high oil resistance,

Scope of Application

Bellows, boots, air ducts, duct seals, window seals, soft interior components, body and chassis components.

soft grips for power tools, refrigerator seals, hoses, connecting parts, anti vibration grommets.

window seals, wheels, hoses.

wire and cable insulation and termination.

pipes, o-rings, anti vibration parts, etc.